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If you have clicked around the tiles on your dashboard, you may have noticed that beneath the dashboard, a line chart will appear. When you select one tile, the historical data will immediately be displayed as a line chart. The more tiles you select, the more data that will be displayed on that same chart. Choose your chart based on your specific application–for example, to see total energy usage across multiple buildings in a portfolio, the stacked bar chart will easily give you that information. Click here to learn more about how to interact with these charts.

You can view your data as a line chart, bar chart, stacked bar chart, or heat map. For bar charts, stacked bar charts, and heat maps, you can choose how to aggregate your data: average, sum, maximum, or minimum. You can also choose the time period over which to perform these manipulations

Line Chart:

Stacked Area Chart:

Bar Chart:

Stacked Bar Chart:

Heat Map:

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