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How to sort Users into different Teams

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Our user management functionality allows you to define who has access to the different dashboards and installations in your organization. You can invite users and create teams by clicking on the dropdown under your name and selecting account. Each team can have a unique set of Users, Permissions and Notifications.

Add Users

To add a new user to your organization, click on ‘Add User’ in the User page or Existing Team page. Simply enter the relevant contact information, and select which team you would like the user to join, followed by clicking  to send them an email invitation.


Teams provide an easy way to group users based on shared privileges and notification preferences. Each team can be assigned unique permissions for viewing and editing dashboards, installations, and performing controls.

You can change your team name at any time by clicking on the team name, and editing under the General Settings.

Add users to a team by clicking 'Add User', and remove users by clicking the trashcan icon and confirming. If you have a user in multiple teams, make sure to remove them from all associated teams to fully revoke all access to the Senseware platform.

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