FTP Access
Bulk Data Access
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Sensor data files can be collected from Senseware’s server using FTP for bulk data access. Files can be downloaded in the JSON or CSV format and as either raw or converted values, and are organized by dashboard, Node ID, data channel, and month. They are updated every night at midnight. 

Note: FTP Access is only enabled for channels that are configured and present in the dashboard. Please see the dashboard section or more information regarding dashboard configuration.

For security purposes, you must use an FTP client that supports SSL/TLS (FTPS) such as FileZilla that can be downloaded for free.

How to use FileZilla:

Step 1: Download and launch FileZilla

Step 2: Enter your information

Host/URL: ftp.senseware.co
: <Your Senseware Login Email>
<Your Senseware Login Password>
<Leave empty>

Step 3: Click Quickconnect

Step 4: Browse, select, and download the data you are looking for.

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