Connecting your Attune [fka Senseware] network to the Cloud

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  1. Plug in the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the Gateway.

  2. Plug in the micro-USB power cord into the Gateway.
    Note: It is located on the same side of the gateway as the Ethernet port

  3. If wall mounting is desired, attach one side of the provided Command™ Strip to the back of the gateway and attach the other side to the mounting surface. Alternatively, if a stronger attachment is desired, carefully take the top of the Gateway off and use the drill-holes on the Gateway base to screw hardware into the wall using 4 screws of your choice. Replace the top of the gateway. 

The location of the different ports is illustrated in the figure below:

Note: The Ethernet connection needs to be DHCP-enabled so that the gateway can receive an IP address and start sending data to the Attune [fka Senseware] Cloud.


You should have received an invitation to the Attune [fka Senseware] Platform via email once you signed up with Attune or from your Attune administrator. Follow the link in the invite or, if you already created your account, just go to and log in. To see your gateway, search its serial number (inside the top of the gateway enclosure) in the Installation dropdown, then click on it. You can configure the settings of your site from the installation tab. Sensor and module-specific settings can be configured in the module configurations tab; the site name, module locations, channel names, and conversion functions can also be configured in the module configuration tab; configure where you want to receive the sensors’ data in the data forwards tab. You can remotely reset the gateway in the system status by clicking on the 'reset button' and selecting either 'Soft Reset' or 'Hard Reset' in the module information section of the system status. A soft reset will restart the gateway and a hard reset will erase the saved configuration.


The status LED will blink in different colors depending on the status of the gateway:

Power: 5V DC via micro-USB & 4.2V rechargeable battery backup
Protocols: Ethernet (HTTP or HTTPS) IEEE 802.15.4 with AES-128 encryption
Communication: 2.4 GHz wireless communication with nodes RJ45 100Mbps Ethernet
Internal Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Operating Voltage
Sensor Bridge Capacity: 1
Size (inches): 3.4 x 3.4 x 1
Weight (ounces): 3.5

Click here to see how to install your nodes.

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