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Getting Started with the Weather App
Getting Started with the Weather App

Monitor installation specific outdoor conditions

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The Weather App allows you to monitor a variety of outdoor conditions, both observed and forecast, including: air temperature, dewpoint, humidity, daily low and high temperatures, precipitation, pressure, cloud cover, wing gust, wind speed, ozone, and UV index. Additional weather conditions are available.

You can view weather conditions on your app's Dashboard or add widgets to your existing Dashboard that will display forecast and observed weather. You can select any of the available weather data as a channel when creating a Fixed Graph and monitor the condition alongside sensor data collected by Nodes.

Creating your Weather Dashboard

To get started, click on the Weather icon in the Navigation bar.

Next, click Add Location to create a new location for weather monitoring. For US locations you can enter a Zip Code to set the location. Currently only latitude and longitude are supported for locations outside the United States.

Tip: Not sure what your latitude and longitude is? Use an address to latitude and longitude convertor, easily found through your search engine of choice.

That's all there is to it! Your Weather Dashboard will begin the process of collecting historical data.

Once your Dashboard is ready you'll be able to view a variety of charts illustrating different weather conditions for your location, both observed and forecast.

For more information on adding weather widgets and weather channels to other Dashboards, please check out our article on Weather Widgets.

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