Make sure you have properly installed your pulse sensor bridge before continuing with the web configuration.


Sign in to to configure your sensor bridge. You can set up the pulse conversion function and conversion factor for each meter under the module configuration tab on the installation page. The data is directly available via data forwards or the Senseware Dashboard. The data forwards provide the delta kWh/gallons/Ccf between two readings of the meter, depending on the type of pulse selected for each channel. 

On the module configuration tab, you can decide whether the LED related to each channel will turn on with each pulse or not. You can also change in which mode the bridge is operating, depending on the type of meter you are connecting to: 

  • Bridge Voltage Source

  • External Voltage Source

  • Pulse to ground

When the bridge is connected to a Node on battery, the LED setting is automatically set to 'Off' to optimize battery life.

You can also remotely reset the sensor in the module information  section of the system status by clicking on the 'Reset' button and selecting either 'Soft Reset' or 'Hard Reset.' A soft reset will restart the sensor and a hard reset will erase the saved configuration and reset the pulse counters back to 0.

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