Water Encoder Bridge
Supports Sensus, Badger, and Hersey meters
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Senseware’s Water Encoder sensor bridge has two sets of pulse inputs and two sets of Water Encoder inputs. The Water Encoder inputs work with the 3 wire UI-1203 protocol, also known as the Sensus protocol. This allows the bridge to communicate with Sensus, Badger, and Hersey water meters, as well as any other water meter that uses this 3 wire protocol.

Pulse Installation:

Connect the + and - terminals on one port of the sensor bridge with the pulse outputs from the pulse meter, if applicable. 

Water Encoder Installation:

Connect the red wire from the water encoder to the the P (clock/power) terminal on the bridge, the green wire to the D (data) terminal on the same port on the bridge, and the black (ground) wire to the - port on the bridge. If a second water encoder is present, connect the wires to the opposite set of ports on the bridge.

If the water encoder has three wires present that are not colored red, green, and black then the meter may not support the UI-1203 protocol. Consult the meter manufacturer for more information.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 3.3V DC from node or gateway via micro-USB connector
Inputs: 2 x Pulse signals (provides 3.3V DC to meter), 2 x UI-1203
Bridge Output: 2 x 32 bits registers representing the number of pulses, 2 x Water Encoder response
Size (inches): 2.1 x 2.1 x 0.4
Weight (ounces): 0.8

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