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Getting Started with Reports
Getting Started with Reports

Create reports that are fully customized and automatically sent to your team

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Reports allow you to send automated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly PDF or CSV files to you, your team, and clients with customized information. 

Building a report is just like building a Dashboard; select the appropriate widgets, data, and timeframe. As a result, you can create specialized reports for different teams and non-Senseware users to share relevant information.

Creating your Report

1. Select the organization you want to create a report for.

2. Click 'Add Report'.

3. Name your report and select the format (PDF or CSV).

4. Input or select recipients and select the report interval (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly).

5. Add Widgets to build and customize your report. You can preview your report by downloading and viewing.
Note: CSV reports can only use Table Widgets

6. Select permissions for teams who can view and modify/delete your report.

7. Click 'Done'.

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