Emon Class 1000 & 2000
How to connect Senseware to an Emon Class 1000 or Class 2000 Meter
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You can use a Senseware Pulse Bridge to connect to Emon power meters Class 1000 and Class 2000. Here is how:

1. Verify that your Emon meter has a pulse output (grey connector). If the meter does not have the pulse output option, it is possible to purchase a separate Emon P3 Pulser. Contact your Senseware representative to learn more.  

2. Connect the 2 wires from one of the connectors of the Pulse Sensor Bridge to the Emon pulse connector. Make sure the bridge is configured as 'Bridge Voltage Source' on the Module Configuration page. Connect the Senseware bridge to a Node and power the Node. It will automatically start collecting the pulse and send it to the Senseware Cloud.

3. Find your pulse conversion to kWh based on the meter model and amperage. This information can be found in the meter manual.

4. There are 2 options to view your data in the Dashboard: create a conversion function on the Module Configuration page to simply view the delta pulse between samples, or create a Meter tile. For that option, contact your Senseware representative.  

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