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Meters App Use Cases: Virtual Channels
Meters App Use Cases: Virtual Channels

Use Cases for Senseware's Virtual Channels

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If you would like to monitor or visualize data that requires calculations based on collected sensor data, we are able to perform those calculations and show that new data in it's own tile on your dashboard. These customized tiles are called 'Virtual Channels'.

Temperature Difference:

We calculate the difference between two temperature channels. 

  • Boiler Outlet Temperature - Boiler inlet temperature to monitor the boiler operations/performance

  • HVAC Supply Fan Temperature - HVAC Return Fan Temperature to monitor HVAC operations/performance

Meter Readings:

If we install a pulse sensor and get a initial meter reading we can show your meter reading on our platform

  • Meter #1: 12345kWh

Equipment Runtime:

We calculate how long or how often equipment turns on in some period of time.

  • Example 1: The trash compactor turned on 3 times today

  • Example 2: The valve was open for 2 hours this week

Money Spent Running Equipment:

Based on some average electricity rate that the customer supplies, we calculate the cost of running equipment that we monitor using, for example, a CT.

Potential Savings:

If we monitor an HVAC unit, for example, which turns on unexpectedly, we can calculate the dollar amount that you would have saved had it not unnecessarily turned on.

Complex Calculations:

Senseware can also provide calculations for more complex data, such as "mean radiant temperature". In this example, we would base that data on readings of a black-globe thermometer. The calculation for that looks like this:

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