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Convert Timestamps to Dates in Excel
Convert Timestamps to Dates in Excel
How to convert Unix Timestamps to Dates in Excel
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Downloading bulk data via FTP can provide you CSV files, organized by dashboard, Node ID, data channel, and month.

To be able to read the timestamps, the timestamp columns will need to be converted from Unix information.

Step 1

Insert an empty column to the right of the column that you would like to convert.

Step 2

Apply the following formula to convert the Unix timestamps (to UTC-0):


Note: F2 refers to the cell that needs to be converted. This may be different on your Worksheet.

To include an automatic time zone variance to display the data for the installation's local time zone, please use this version of the formula (EST-5:00, for example):


Note: The installation's local time zone may vary. Please change this number to your local time zone - this could be a positive number depending on where you are located)

Step 3

Format the cell, and select the desired date/time format.

Step 4

Drag the formula to the bottom of the data to apply the conversion to every timestamp.

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