Adding layouts to your Dashboard provides a simple way to view data from connected sensors and equipment with relation to deployed locations.  Once you have uploaded a layout in the System Status, you can add a layout widget to your Dashboard.

Creating a Layout Widget:

  1. After uploading a layout in the System Status and placing your modules, add a layout widget to an existing or new Dashboard
  2. Click the add widget button, following by Layout Widget
  3. Enter a name for the widget, select the Installation, widget size, and the default floor to display. 
  4. Click 'Save' and the layout will appear on your Dashboard
  5. a) Click a module on the widget to add channels
    b) Click the ‘Edit’ button below the widget to add channels and thresholds to be displayed. Surpassing these thresholds will cause a module to change color. Click 'Save'
    Note: Modules that do not have data added will be striped and not have colors

Interacting with the Layout Widget:

  • Hover over a module to show basic identifying information.
  • Click a module to show the data for various channels on the Module; click again to deselect it
  • The arrows can be used to navigate between floors
  • Selecting a channel will graph the relevant data on the main chart
  • Multiple channels can be selected from multiple modules
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