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IAQ Line-Powering Instructions
IAQ Line-Powering Instructions

Cleanly mount IAQ modules when renovating your space or as part of new construction

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Senseware IAQ modules can be hard wired directly to the wall outlet boxes instead of connecting to a wall outlet. This is especially useful when a space is being remodeled or during new construction, and when dedicated power can be installed. Following the WELL Standard, it is recommended to install the IAQ modules 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 m) above the floor.

IAQ modules require a 5 VDC - 1 A power supply. A transformer will likely be needed to step down line voltage to the level required by the IAQ module. Off-the-shelf power transformers can step down 120 VAC to the required 5 VDC and, due to their compact size, can be placed inside a recessed box as depicted in the image below. 

Senseware can provide transformers and power cables assemblies that can be installed during the construction phase so that the IAQ modules can easily be installed afterwards. 

Insert the power cable through the opening at the back of the IAQ module and connect it to the power input of the Node. The IAQ module will automatically turn on and start collecting and sending data once the circuit is live. The IAQ module can then be easily mounted directly to the wall or a wall mounted backplate using screws or adhesive strips. 

The IAQ modules are part of the wireless mesh network created by the Senseware Nodes. They will relay data from any other module within approximately 150-300 ft (45-90 m) on the way to the Gateway. Refer to your Installation's System Status to see how well your modules communicate with each other. 

Once the IAQ module has been installed and is online, you can create an IAQ widget on your dashboard to visualize the data.

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