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How to create a reliable network for your Gateway and Nodes
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Senseware’s wireless technology creates a robust and powerful mesh network that dynamically adjusts to a variety of environmental conditions. In order to get the best possible performance from your system we recommend following the guidelines below:

  1. Do your best to place the Gateway and Nodes within 100-150 feet of each other in environments with many walls, such as an office building, and within 100 feet of each other in environments with a lot of concrete, like a parking garage.

  2. Try to install modules in open areas such as hallways whenever possible.

  3. Avoid placing modules within 10 feet of strong 2.4 GHz signal sources, such as Wi-Fi access points.

  4. Consistency is key. When there are multiple modules on the same floor, try to mount them at the same height, the higher off the ground the better.

  5. If you have measurement locations placed more than 5 floors apart with no Nodes in between, let us know. We’ll be happy to send you an additional Gateway to make installation even easier.

  6. Try to avoid placing a module in areas surrounded by thick concrete walls or inside of metal enclosures. These areas can drastically reduce signal strength.

  7. Using a cellular modem? Make sure there is enough cell coverage for Verizon wherever you place the Gateway and cellular modem.

  8. Avoid placing modules more than a floor apart unless the modules are vertically aligned.

  9. If you find that the signal quality of any Node is consistently under 30%, give us a call. We’ll send you an additional Node to act as a relay.

  10. If you want to make sure your Nodes only connect to your Gateway, make sure the Impose Pan ID setting is ON. 

Please review Signal Quality Mode for instructions on how to determine signal quality while placing the Nodes. Additionally, once your system is online you can view data on each Node’s signal quality on the System Status page.

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