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How to connect Senseware to Magnelab Current Transformers
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Submetering electrical loads has never been easier. CT's, or current transformers, allow you to monitor the load/current consumption of a circuit without the need to install a dedicated energy meter. 

You can even use this data to approximate power and energy usage through the use of our virtual channels.


1. Make sure that your Node is powered and connected to the network.
2. Connect the Volt bridge to an available port on the Node.
3. Remove the cover on the bottom of the CT.

4. You will need two hook-up wires to connect the CT to the Volt bridge. Attach one end of each wire to the bottom of the CT. Connect the positive lead to the k terminal and the negative lead to the l terminal.

5. Attach the other end of each wire to the Volt bridge, making sure to pay attention to the positive and negative polarity indication.

6. Unclasp the hinge of the CT and place it over the circuit you wish to monitor, paying special attention to the direction indicated on the CT. The arrow on the cover should point to the direction of the load (see picture below step 3).


Make sure that you configure the CT appropriately in the Module Configuration tab. The most important parameter to set is the Value at max V field; enter the CT size, in amps, in this field.


If the CT is installed the wrong direction, no load will be read by the Volt bridge. You can remedy this by installing the CT in the other direction, or by swapping the wires on the Volt bridge. 

Alternatively, the easiest way to make sure that the Volt bridge is oriented properly is by measuring the voltage of the wires using a Volt meter.

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