External Particle Counter

How to connect Senseware to an external Particle Counter

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Senseware provides cleanroom grade particle counters. They come pre-wired to a Senseware Node and bridge.

Before you start using the Particle Counter, make sure to plug in the USB cable and outlet power to the Particle Counter as shown in the picture below.

The screen of the particle counter will turn on. The Node will also show in the System Status with an unconfigured modbus bridge. Contact Senseware to help with configuring the correct modbus registers, depending on the data you are trying to collect. You can also refer to the data sheet of the sensor for a complete list of modbus registers.

Once online, press the start button to start counting particles. The Particle Counter is pre-configured so do not change any settings on the device.

You can also start the device remotely after a power outage if you do not have physical access to the device by using the modbus write configuration page on the Module Configuration page of the node.

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