Setting up the IAQ-I

How to configure the IAQ + Ion counter

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The IAQ-I has to be configured on the Module Configuration page to account for the range setting of the ion counter.

In order to do that, select your module ID on the Installation>Gateway SN/Installation Name drop-down>Module Configuration page. Then scroll down to the Volt Bridge section (see image below) and enter the following configuration for Channel 1:

  • Channel Name: replace Input 1 by the description of the channel, such as Ion Sensor

  • Unit: ions/cc

  • Value at max V: 100000 for the default value. This value could also be 10000 or 1000000 depending on the range of the sensor. Use the default value if you don't know the range of your sensor.

Click save at the bottom of the page.

Setting up the dashboard

First, you can add a new IAQ widget to show the IAQ data. The IAQ Widget will however not show the Ions count. You can use a multi gauge (or basic widget) to show the ions count on the dashboard.

1) Click on Add Widget and select Multi Gauge

2) Select the dashboard category where you want the widget and decide whether you want real-time readings or an aggregate over a certain period of time in the Aggregation Period.

3) Select your installation, Module and Ion channel and edit the label if desired

4) Input a name for the location

5) You don't have to input any thresholds

6) For limits, use 0 for minimum value and 100,000 for maximum value. You can use the nominal value if you have an ion target you'd like to maintain.

7) Press save

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