You can now create a public page to display your IAQ data without having to log in so that tenants, parents, customers, and other shareholders can see in real time the quality of the air they breathe.

Video Tutorial

In order to do that, head to any of your dashboards and add a new widget. Select the Lobby View Widget in the Other Widgets Category.

You can select and customize the different options:

  • Category: select in which category the widget will show. You can create a separate dashboard to hold your Lobby View Widgets or add it to any of your existing dashboards.

  • Name: select the name of your Lobby View Page. That name will be shown in the top right of the public page.

  • Background Image: you can upload any background image for your public page. If you do not pick any image, a default one will show. The recommended resolution is 3840x2160 pixels.

  • Company Logo: you can add a logo that will show in the bottom left corner of the page. That space will be empty if you decide not to upload any logo. The recommended resolution is 250x150 pixels.

  • Gauges background: by default, the data gauges will show directly against the background image. If you have a lighter background, you can opt to add a green background behind the gauges.

  • Font color: by default, the text on the Lobby View will be white. If you have a lighter background, you can opt to have the text show in black. The gauges will always be white so we recommend using the dark fonts along with the gauges background option.

  • Installation: pick the installation where your IAQ modules are located.

  • Modules: You can pick one or multiple IAQ devices to show on the Lobby View. If you select multiple modules, the average of the data between the modules for each IAQ metric will be shown. Therefore, if you select multiple modules, only the metrics present on all the modules will be shown. For example, if you select 5 modules and one of them does not record temperature, you will not be able to select temperature as a data gauge.

  • Primary & secondary Gauge: on the lobby view, the gauge to the left is larger than the gauges on the right (secondary gauges). You can pick 1 primary gauge and up to 6 secondary gauges. The data available in the gauges are from IAQ and IEQ packages. In addition, the Ventilation Performance Index (Ventilation Score) can also be displayed. Currently, it is not possible to display Ions levels if you have IAQ-I packages. The data is refreshed every minute and shows the last data point for each metric or average of metrics.

    Once you save the widget, it will be added to your dashboard. The URL of the public page will be available on the widget itself. You can open the page by clicking on the link or just copy it and share it. You can add it to your website or display the page in your Lobby for everyone to see. The page automatically refreshes every minute and never requires you to log in.

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