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Learn about the various widget types
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Widgets allow you to customize what you see on your Dashboard, whether it's instantaneous data, trends, or controls.

In the top right corner of your Dashboard you'll notice an Add Widget icon, if you have the appropriate Dashboard permissions.

Currently, there are five different types of widgets you can add to your Dashboard: Basic, Control, Chart, Forecast Weather, and Observed Weather.

Basic Widgets

Basic Widgets show the instantaneous readings of one or more sensor channels, allow you to set thresholds for those channels, and can be graphed in a variety of ways on the default chart.

Control Widgets

Control Widgets allow you to see the current state of a control as well as set manual overrides that will take over the scheduled controls, if applicable.

Indoor Air Quality Widget

Indoor Air Quality Widgets automatically detect and create widgets based on your IAQ packages in your installation. The thresholds are automatically configured based on EPA standards, and can be adjusted to your needs.

Chart Widgets

Chart Widgets will create a permanent chart on your Dashboard, allowing you to display data using a chart type of your choice.

Weather Widgets

Weather Widgets allow you display current observed or forecast weather conditions on your Dashboard.

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