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Enable manual overrides of your equipment from your Dashboard

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Control widgets allow you perform on/off operations on your equipment, or overriding existing schedules.

The blue Control widgets display the current state of your control point and whether or not it is in a manual override state. If this state is 'Off,' then your timer-controlled equipment is operating based on your set timer control schedule (read more about scheduling here).

When looking at the numbers beside the "on" and "off" labels, such as "1/1 on", the first number represents the number of channels currently active in the desired state, whereas the second number represents the number of channels that should be active in that state according to the schedule, if one exists.

For example, if you are controlling two circuits that are scheduled to be On and they are both actively in the On state, the widget will indicate "2/2 on" and "0/0 off". However, if one of the channels is overrides to Off, the new numbers will be "1/2 on" and "1/0 off". If the Controls are not based on a schedule, but instead are based on another data channel or are purely used for overrides, you can ignore the second number as it will remain 0 as long as there are no schedules active. 

To add a Control Tile: 

1. Click on the blue 'Add Widget' button. 

2. A menu will appear with the various tile options. Select Control Widget from the list.

3. Click 'Save'.

Note: you can't add a Control Widget if the team you belong to doesn't have permission to do so.

Performing Manual Overrides:

1. Click on the relevant tile.

2. Select 'Manual Override' and the menu below will appear depending on the type of Control you are using.

3. Choose your desired override state.
Select your desired duration of the override.

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