Decoding LED colors
Determining the status of the Node using the LED
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When the Node is not in Signal Quality Mode, the status LED will blink in different colors depending on the status of the node.

When the Node first powers on, the LED will be blue if it is has sufficient voltage, or if the battery level is above 3.5V. If the Node is battery powered and the voltage drops below 3.5V the LED will display yellow. If the voltage is below 3.3V the LED will be red. It will stay red and the Node will not operate if the voltage is below 3V. The Node will then briefly flash green as it loads its neighbors, unless no neighbors are found and it needs to perform a discovery.

After the Node successfully discovers neighbors it will flash green briefly if there is a strong connection, or yellow briefly if the connection is moderate.

For newer Nodes (firmware versions 3.5.0 and above), the LED will blink as follows:

White: Data has been successfully transmitted to the primary neighbor.

Cyan: Node is checking for a valid timestamp from the primary neighbor.

Green: Node has successfully found a neighbor during discovery.

Red: Node is unable to find a neighbor during discovery.

Magenta: Node is able to find a neighbor during discovery, but there is no route to the Gateway; this most often occurs if the Gateway is not powered. Alternatively, if the Node is not in discovery, it will briefly flash Magenta if it receives an update or action.

When the button is pressed and held on the Node, the LED will stay a persistent color depending on how long the button is held:

White: When the button is held for less than 5 seconds, the Node will collect an instantaneous status packet and data packet from any connected sensors/bridges.

Cyan: When the button is held for less than 10 seconds, the Node will re-initialize the discovery process for neighbors.

Blue: When the button is held for more than 10 seconds, the Node will perform a hard reset, clearing all stored data and settings, and will then reset. This hard reset can also be performed by removing power from the Node, pressing and holding the button, then reinstating power to the Node.

For older Nodes (firmware versions below 3.5.0), the LED statuses are as follows:

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