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Outdoor Air Quality Installation Guide
Outdoor Air Quality Installation Guide

How to install the OAQ

Written by Julio Ibanez
Updated over a week ago

OAQ Kit:

  1. Locate an outlet closest to the desired location

  2. Mark the outer four holes of the mounting feet on the surface.

    1. The power cord should be facing downwards

    2. The OAQ should be in the targeted breathable zone (4-6 ft above the ground)

  3. Drill the four holes marked in the previous step into the surface.

  4. Secure the OAQ to the surface using appropriate wall anchors and screws.

  5. The radiation shield will be attached to the temperature probe pictured below

    1. The temperature probe should fit snugly between the two brackets in the radiation shield

  6. Mount the radiation shield to the surface using the Radiation shield Installation guide

    1. The bracket for the temperature probe can be found inside the shield box

Temperature probe inside radiation shield:

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