Duct Mount IAQ

Installation of the Duct Mount IAQ and Enclosure

Written by Nick Ahern
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This article outlines all of the steps for installation of the Attune IAQ in the Duct Mount Enclosure add-on option

Figure 1: Duct Mount Enclosure

Figure 2. Installation Equipment

Enclosure Preparation Steps

  1. Lay the sealing gasket into the groove of the enclosure cover.

  2. Insert the provided enclosure grommets into the holes in the enclosure base. (Note: Grommets are labeled and using the incorrect one will not fit properly)

  3. Insert the two sampling pipes into the grommets in the back of the enclosure until the caps prevents them from inserting any further. (Note: The fit is tight so dish soap may be used to aid the sampling pipe insertion)

    Figure 3. Proper Sampling Tube Insertion

  4. Insert the sampling pipe cap into the end of the longer sampling pipe.

  5. Secure the mounting backplate the enclosure base using the command strips.

  6. Attach the IAQ package to the mounting backplate. (Note: If your IAQ package is the legacy design, skip steps 4 and 5. Attach the IAQ unit to the enclosure base directly with the command strips)

Figure 4. Completion of Enclosure Preparation

Duct Installation Steps

  1. Print out the drilling template (attached below).

  2. Using the drilling template, drill 2x pilot holes at the center of the template holes.

  3. Drill out the pilot holes to 1 & 1/16".

  4. Insert the provided duct grommets into the drilled out holes. (Note: Grommets are labeled and using the incorrect one will not fit properly)

  5. With the sampling pipes still inserted into the enclosure, insert the sampling pipes into the grommets in the duct. (Note: Do not "force it" as the grommet will be pushed inside the duct with no way to retrieve it.)

  6. Rotate the sampling pipes so that the longer sampling pipe is facing upstream and shorter sample pipe is facing downstream (Figure 9). (The arrows on the sampling pipes indicate the direction the holes are facing)

    Figure 5. Arrow Indicating Hole Direction

  7. Use 4x #6 self-tapping sheet metal screws through the enclosure mounting holes to secure the enclosure to the duct.

  8. Fit the power cord in the groove in the side of the enclosure.

  9. Wrap the provided sealing foam around the power cord in the grove and remove the adhesive backing to attach. This creates an airtight seal with the lid.

  10. Secure lid to enclosure using the provided screws.

    Figure 6. Steps 8 thru 10

  11. Plug in IAQ and ensure it has connected to the Attune network. If you do not see the IAQ node online in the system please ensure you have followed all of the initial installation steps. If you still do not see it online please follow the troubleshooting steps.

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